Professional Tree Removal Service in Fort Pierce

Are you in need of a professional tree removal service in Fort Pierce? 2 Tree Fellers is here to help with expert removal and pruning services. As a local tree removal company serving Fort Pierce for over 10 years, we understand the importance of removing trees safely and effectively. 

We believe in using proper removal techniques to protect surrounding plants, structures, and utility lines. Our process involves – trimming branches, sectioning the tree, and clearing debris. This minimizes risks to your property. We also offer tree trimming, tree pruning, palm tree trimming, and storm cleanup services for residential or commercial properties.  

With fair pricing and free estimates, 2 Tree Fellers is the top choice for tree removal in Fort Pierce. Our professional arborists can assess your specific needs and determine the best course of action.

Our Commitment to Safe, Professional Tree Removal

At 2 Tree Fellers, we take great pride in our commitment to removing trees safely and responsibly. Our number one priority is the protection of people, property, and the surrounding environment. 

As the most trusted tree removal service in Fort Pierce, over the years we have helped hundreds of homeowners by removing problematic trees. Whether it’s an impending storm or just routine maintenance, we understand how worrying it can be to have trees threatening your home or landscape. That’s why we take the time to thoroughly inspect each tree and carefully plan the removal process. 

  • Safety is Our Priority: Our team is led by ISA Certified Arborists who have undergone extensive training in proper removal techniques, safety measures, and tree biology. They can identify any risks and use the right tools and equipment for the job. This includes measures like – rigging trees in sections, using wood chips to cushion falls, and verifying solid footing. Each step is monitored to ensure maximum safety.
  • Free Estimates from Local Experts: We want you to feel confident in the work we do, so we never charge for estimates or assessments. Book a visit from one of our arborists who can examine your trees up close and discuss any concerns. They will provide a well-explained removal or pruning plan, and give you an accurate quote upfront so there are no surprises later. 
  • Reliable Service Through Every Storm: Here on Florida’s Treasure Coast, storms are an unavoidable reality we plan for. That’s why 2 Tree Fellers invested in top-quality machinery ensuring we are prepared to handle large-scale cleanups after hurricanes. Whether you need emergency tree removal or regular storm services, you can rely on our fast response. We work hard to have crews ready in the days leading up to storms – pruning loose branches, and taking extra precautions. Then once conditions are safe, we quickly clear away debris so you can start repairs.

Regardless of the job, all our tree work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So if you need professional, efficient tree removal done right, look no further than the experts at 2 Tree Fellers. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and knowledge of the local areas, so you can feel confident putting your trees in our hands. You can also check our reviews online to see why we are Fort Pierce’s premier choice for all tree care needs!

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A Full Range of Tree Services

When it comes to tree care, there’s no job too big or small for the friendly arborists at 2 Tree Fellers. As your one-stop shop for all tree services, we have the expertise and equipment to handle any need.

Whether you need routine tree trimming and pruning to keep branches high and away from your roof, or a large oak removal due to advanced decay, we’ve got you covered. Our tree trimming and pruning services use proper cutting methods to maintain the health and appearance of your trees. Not only does this improve their structure, but it also reduces the risk of damage during storms. 

  • Palm Tree Services: Many folks don’t realize we also specialize in Palm Tree services! As trees that need constant care, palms require the skilled eye of true palm arborists. Our team expertly trims palms, removes dead fronds, and protects against pests and diseases. This prevents hazardous growth that could compromise your property or power lines down the road.
  • Cleaning Up After the Job: Once trees have been cut down, the leftovers still need to be cleared efficiently. That’s why we also offer full spectrum stump grinding and lot clearing services. With advanced machines, we can neatly grind away even the largest stumps below ground level, leaving your yard debris-free. No need to bother with renting equipment or hauling wood yourselves!

Tree work isn’t limited to the planting season either. Now is a great time to inspect your property and address any concerns while our schedules are open. So give our professional team a call today to discuss your unique tree service needs. You’ll quickly see why we’ve become the most trusted name for all tree care in Fort Pierce and beyond.

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A Full Range of Tree Services

Storm Damage Cleanup Experts

As a local family-owned business, we at 2 Tree Fellers understand the impacts severe weather can have on our community. That’s why we’ve honed our skills over the years to become the most trusted name for storm damage cleanup in Fort Pierce and beyond. 

No matter how strong the hurricane winds blow, you can count on our trained professionals to mobilize quickly once conditions are safe. We pride ourselves on fast response times to get your property cleared of debris so the recovery process isn’t prolonged. With our fleet of equipment like chippers, stump grinders, and chainsaws, large piles of waste disappear fast. 

  • Fully Prepared for Whatever Storms Send Our Way: Being located in Florida, hurricanes are a reality we take very seriously. Each season we conduct equipment checks, refill fuel tanks, and sharpen all blades to ensure our team has the tools to work quickly and efficiently no matter what Mother Nature throws at us. Beyond the physical prep, our arborists undergo advanced FEMA training so you can feel at ease knowing they will work safely.
  • Post Storm Services: Some of the services we commonly perform after storms include: emergency tree removal of damaged limbs before they cause harm, pruning trees torn open by winds, stump grinding for uprooted palms, and loading and removing truckloads of woody waste. No detail is too small, every branch and scrap of vegetation is cleared to stop future problems from developing.

Rest assured we also offer budget-friendly rates for any storm damage services. Our priority is getting communities back on their feet, not burdening homeowners with high costs. So give us a call day or night for all your post-hurricane tree work needs. With 2 Tree Fellers on your side, you’ll feel ready for whatever tropical weather may come.

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The Benefits of Choosing 2 Tree Fellers

When it comes to tree work, you want to choose an experienced company you can trust. At 2 Tree Fellers, we take pride in providing the most reliable service with only the highest standards. Here are just a few reasons we’ve become the premier choice for tree care in Fort Pierce:

  • Safety First with Certified Professionals: We know trees can be dangerous to remove, so we invested in having all our arborists obtain certification from the International Society of Arboriculture. Their in-depth training gives you peace of mind knowing proper techniques will be used. Plus, should any mishaps occur, we carry extensive liability insurance for your added protection.
  • Personalized Attention from Quote to Clean-up: While some companies treat tree removal like an assembly line, we believe in quality over quantity. Our customers can expect to work directly with a tree service manager from their initial contact through the entire removal process. That way there’s a consistent point of contact to answer questions or address concerns. 
  • Customer Service: Beyond the work itself, superior customer service is what keeps us thriving year after year. We never take our loyal clients for granted and continually raise the bar on responding to all inquiries quickly and politely. 
  • Scheduling: Some other notable benefits of using our services include fast scheduling, clean work areas left at day’s end, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. But don’t just take our word – browse the hundreds of glowing online reviews from happy homeowners we’ve assisted. You’ll see why 2 Tree Fellers is simply the best choice for professional tree work in Fort Pierce!

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Affordable Pricing with No Hidden Fees

2 Tree Fellers

We believe tree care should be accessible to all, which is why we take pride in offering honest, affordable pricing. As a family-owned business, we aren’t in it for excessive profits – just to provide a reliable service that fits within residential budgets.

When clients come to 2 Tree Fellers, what they see is what they get. We eliminate any nasty surprises by providing transparent, all-inclusive quotes upfront. This allows homeowners to make informed financial decisions without worrying about random fees popping up later. 

  • Free Estimates Tailored to Your Needs: To start, we offer complimentary property assessments from our experts. They will assess each tree individually, noting diameter and height measurements, surrounding infrastructure, and any specific challenges. From there, an itemized estimate is given detailing exactly what’s included, like stump removal, wood chip disposal, or debris hauling.
  • Competitive Rates Whether It’s One Tree or a Dozen: Over the years, we’ve streamlined our operations to keep our charges fair whether the project entails a solitary tree in the side yard or mass palm removal after a major storm. Clients saving up for larger landscape renovations will also find us affordable in the long run compared to multiple independent services.

So when budget is a concern, feel confident that 2 Tree Fellers can provide the quality work you need without depleting your funds. Give us a call today to experience our honest approach to pricing firsthand. You’ll see how we remove the stress of unexpected costs from the tree care equation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does tree removal typically cost?

Great question! There’s no single answer since it depends on tree size, difficulty, and services needed. To learn more about the cost of tree removal give us a call for a free quote – we will lay it all out!  

What is included in a basic tree removal service?

Normally it covers the pruning, sectioning, loading, and carting of the whole tree away so the area is totally clean for you. We take care of hauling debris, blocking any traffic, and verifying no damage to your property during removal.

How much does stump grinding cost after tree removal?

The cost of stump removal depends on the width and depth dimensions. The process turns unsightly stumps into sawdust so your yard is flat and smooth again. We ensure any grinding holes are neatly backfilled too.

Do you remove palm trees as well as regular trees?

Absolutely! As your certified palm arborists, we’re fully equipped to handle any palm species safety. From pruning to complete takedowns, our experienced team will leave your palms healthy and attractive again. 

Is the area always left clean up after tree removal?

You better believe it! We never leave a messy work-site behind. Part of our service includes loading debris into our trucks and hauling it all away. You’ll find your yard exactly as it was, if not better when we’re done.

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From storm-damaged palms to tall pines threatening your home, the ISA Certified Arborists at 2 Tree Fellers have the skills and equipment to handle any tree removal project. Whether you need emergency tree removal after a hurricane, dangerous tree cutting, or large tree removal near your house or power lines, our fully insured team provides reliable service. Serving Fort Pierce and surrounding areas for over 10 years, you can count on our team to get any tree service done right effectively and efficiently. Don’t wait until your greenery becomes unhealthy or hazardous, give us a call.